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Kiromenanz ([personal profile] kiromenanz) wrote2015-01-15 11:30 pm

The Battle of Bakerloo (by bendingsignpost)

Words: 1,5k
Warnings: Excessive amounts of entirely too adorable cuddling
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fluff (fluffy fluff fluff <3)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: The change had occurred, John had accepted it, and when Sherlock had asked, “You don’t mind, do you?”, John had answered, “No, of course not.”

So, so so adorable! If you're looking for something short and fluffy to warm you right up, look no longer, this is it! It is too cute for words and I can't even - 
(dying of feels here) 
*clearing of throat* Well, let me try and be businesslike - basically it's just a story of what happens when Sherlock discovers he can think better when he's cuddling John. 
All right, I can't be businesslike about it - so so cute - run, don't walk!

Go read >>

“If I’m not interrupting anything,” Lestrade said, “there does happen to be a triple homicide I’d like to ask you about.”

which isn't much of a teaser, I know, but I just loved this line and wanted to share it)

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