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2015-01-16 10:35 am

The Curious Case of the Dog and the Detective's Heart (by anon)

Words: approx. 4,5k
Warnings: Sexual content
Rating: NC17
Genre: Romance, fluff
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: One rainy day, Sherlock brings a puppy home. As John watches his flatmate take care of the abandoned little dog, he realizes something essential.

(I just tried to sum it up to the best of my abilities, considering I couldn't find a summary anywhere).
Written for this prompt:
Returning home one cold and rainy night, Sherlock finds a lost/abandoned puppy huddled in the doorway of their building trying to stay out of the rain.
He's not crazy about bringing it inside, but he really doesn't want to leave it out there to die of exposure either, so he grudgingly tucks it under his arm and takes it upstairs.
Cue John being all O.O "W...T...F?" as Sherlock sets about drying puppy off, building up a fire, and sitting in front of the fireplace with a towel-wrapped puppy in his lap.

Basically, this is a lot of cuteness. Sherlock with a puppy is just too adorable.
My favorite line: He had just shifted more tightly into his blankets for about the thousandth time when his door opened, admitting a sheepish Sherlock and an armful of dog.

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2015-01-15 11:30 pm

The Battle of Bakerloo (by bendingsignpost)

Words: 1,5k
Warnings: Excessive amounts of entirely too adorable cuddling
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance, fluff (fluffy fluff fluff <3)
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: The change had occurred, John had accepted it, and when Sherlock had asked, “You don’t mind, do you?”, John had answered, “No, of course not.”

So, so so adorable! If you're looking for something short and fluffy to warm you right up, look no longer, this is it! It is too cute for words and I can't even - 
(dying of feels here) 
*clearing of throat* Well, let me try and be businesslike - basically it's just a story of what happens when Sherlock discovers he can think better when he's cuddling John. 
All right, I can't be businesslike about it - so so cute - run, don't walk!

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A little teaser for you )
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2015-01-15 01:20 pm

The Initial Problem (by onetrueharem)

Words: 43k
Warnings: off-screen murder, dead people, mentions of drug-use,
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Genre: romance, case-fic, crime, university AU
Pairing: John/Sherlock, Irene Adler/Sally Donavan, Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade
Summary: Set at the very fictional St Benedict's College, Cambridge. 21-year-old John Watson, recently invalided home from Afghanistan, begins his first year at university. The student he's sharing rooms with takes up entirely too much of his time. The only parties he gets invited to are hosted by a would-be dominatrix. Oh, and he's probably being targeted by a serial killer. At least his life isn't boring.

I must admit it sounds a little crack-ish, but isn't that at all. You see before you a wonderful university AU with romance and suspense and quite fun parts in between. The relationship that develops between Sherlock and John is so wonderfully canon and yet a little more romantic, Irene is hilarious but you feel with her and Molly - I always love a well-written Molly, and this one is just enough of smitten with Sherlock to be believable, but her own person, strong and yet in need of some serious hugging.
Am I gushing?
Anyway, quite funny in parts, but engaging and with a good dose of suspense. And Moriarity!
What else is there to say? The reader reads from different perspectives - John narrates most of the time, but sometimes Sherlock, Molly or Irene (I felt I needed to say that). Oh, and Sherlock is wonderfully in character (see favorite chapter, there is a wonderful Sherlock in there!)

Favorite Chapter: Chapter 5: From the Reminiscences of John H Watson - In which Mycroft shows his love in scary ways, John has occasional bloodlust, Sebastian Wilkes really deserves to be punched in the face, and creepy Irishmen hide in bushes. It's actually a pretty happy chapter, though! (description by author)

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2015-01-14 07:26 pm

Parallel (by brbsoulnomming)

Words: 77k
Warnings: sex, off-screen death, mild, consenting somnophilia
Rating: M
Genre: case-fic, romance, crime
Pairing: John/Sherlock, OCs
Summary: Written for a prompt over on sherlockbbc_fic: There's a case at a secondary school/University, some series of threats or string of bizarre murders that has the entire campus shaken. In the course of the investigation, Sherlock and John meet two students. One is well liked if not popular, athletic, intelligent without showing off, involved only because they were close to a victim or witnessed something important. The other is a loner with no regard for social norms, an insufferable genius, always in the chem lab, and involved because everyone, including teachers/professors, think they're behind everything.

Sherlock and John are responsible for these two meeting. And, because they both want to help with the investigation, they get to watch them become friends and fall a little in love. And that makes them feel things about themselves that they've been working very hard to not feel, thank you.

Alright, so this is another fill for the same prompt for which Rhyme (written by parachute_silks) was also a fill, and it is just as wonderful although it is completely different. I feel Parallel is a little lighter, a little more fast-paced, our Sherlock/John Mirror-OCs (I'll just call them that) only meet through the case for the first time and become friends. The similarities between John and Sam and Sherlock and Fiona are clearer than they were in Rhyme, Sherlock's and John's relationship is not depicted with as much depth in Parallel as it was in Rhyme, but more fun and very fluffy in parts. 
Long story short: Both stories are amazing and you should give Parallel a go, even (or especially) if you've read Rhyme. Watching two author's responses to the same prompt is extremely interesting and I couldn't pick a favorite of the two, because they were both just plain amazing, although completely different. 

Just a few teasers from Parallel ( I may have giggled a lot) )
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2015-01-14 05:22 pm

Rhyme (by parachute_silks)

Words: About 70k
Warnings: Murder, dead people, mentions of drug use, self-harm, mental illness
Rating: R (for murder, not very graphic descriptions of dead bodies and swearing), the porn-y bonus chapter is rated NC17 (because of porn-y things, obviously)
Genre: Romance, Crime, Case-Fic
Pairing: John/Sherlock and two OC's (more or less)
Summary: Sophie Heaney is suspected of killing her mother and her mother's lover; John and Sherlock arrive at Oxford University to work out whether that's true. In the course of their investigation they can't help but notice some uncomfortable parallels between Sophie's relationship with her friend Amy and their own increasingly tension-filled friendship. *Feelings* ensue, which the two not-quite-couples attempt to deal with while simultaneously trying to catch a murderer. (Written forthis kinkmeme prompt.)

This is wonderful. Brief collections of things that I loved about this fic:
1.) The moment when I understood why it was called what it was called - several chapters after the reason had been subtly revealed ( I genius)
2.) The crime isn't obvious, it leaves you guessing and I had several suspects through the curse of this fic. When the plot thickened my heart sped up and I had to stop myself from hopping up and down in my seat.
3.) THE SHERLOCK AND JOHN IS JUST SO FLUFFY AND SWEET AND SQUEEE - but not out of character, which is a miracle in and of itself. Kudos, author! That's not an easy feat.
4.) How Sherlock was floundering through most of it - basically the whole portrayal of Sherlock. He is so incredibly human and vulnerable in this fic, all sharp edges and hidden wounds and it is just so perfect. His feelings for John felt perfect to me, as well as his constant fear and insecurities. Plus the problems Sherlock had with dealing with emotional attachment to people involved in the case. We've never seen something like that in canon until Irene Adler came along and I feel his reaction in the fic was spot-on.
5.) John! I can't even say why, he just felt so solid and warm to me but so vulnerable and unsure at the same time. His feelings for Sherlock were just delicious and his reaction - I can't go on lest I spoil you, but it is too good!
6.) The OCs. They were so, so similar to John and Sherlock, but still their own people and it was wonderful to watch.

The only problem I had was Sherlock's floundering when it came to the case (yes, contradictory, I know, but let me explain). It wasn't that it was out of character, because it wasn't, not from my point of view. The problem I felt it created was that the suspense of the case did not quite pick up until the last third of the story. It's not really that much of a deal because the characters, their emotions and struggles were enough for anyone to keep reading and cover up the slow progression of the crime. Just a side note.

All in all incredibly entertaining, captivating and emotionally touching - loved it to pieces!

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2015-01-13 03:07 pm

Sherlock Masterpost - Soulmates

This is a place where I will put every fic I find and like that fills the popular soulmates-trope. Fics will be added as time goes by...


Blue Veins (by lbmisscharly)

Words: 20k
Warnings: None
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/John
Summary: Written for this prompt at the kinkmeme: If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know? Everyone has a clock, either installed by futuristic machines or they're born with one.
The numbers can’t guarantee happiness, reciprocity, or even fidelity. They’re just a fact of life. In a world where everyone hides their numbers, John Watson meets a man with bare wrists.

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Written on the Wrist (by ausausserbeimit)

Words: 5,5k
Warnings: None
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Pairing: John/Sherlock, John/Mary Morstan
Summary: The thing about the Mate Mark was that it didn’t mean you’d find your soul mate. It just meant you had one.

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Put a Smile in Your Name (by kingaofthewoods)

Words: 10k
Warnings: None
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Mycroft/Molly
Summary: Molly Hooper adores the name on her life line even before she can read it. It’s written in a beautiful cursive, loops and curves flowing freely into what she sees as a work of art. She’s immensely proud to carry it on her skin, and she shows it with a smile to all of her friends in kindergarten.
"My-croft?" one of the girls struggles to decipher it. "What kind of a name is that?"

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The Heart on Your Wrist (by flawedamythyst)

(not technically a soulmates-fic, but I felt it fit the collection)

Words: 5,5k
Warnings: None
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Summary: Sherlock stared at the imperfect circle on his left wrist in horror, then sat down on his bed with a bit of a thump. After over thirty years, his heartmark was finally showing activity. This was not good.

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To be continued...
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2015-01-13 02:42 pm

Browsing The Archives (by handful of silence / inkstained_scrivener)

Words: 4,5k
Warnings: None
Rating: M
Genre: romance, humour
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade
Summary: In which Lestrade and the Yarders secretly write Real Person Fic about the world's only consulting detective and his flatmate, everyone questions their sexuality, and it turns out to be entirely possible to ship your own pairing.

Entirely compromised of fanfiction summaries, comments on said fanfictions and emails, this is delicious. The pennames of all of our favorite characters are spot-on and you can easily figure out who is who. This is extremely amusing and utterly sweet, not to mention hot (Mycroft and Lestrade! Those two - I don't want to give anything away but someone is enthusiastic ^^). 
Not too long, easy to read but entirely worth it. 

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