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 Words: 10,8k

Warnings: AU, EWE

Summary: Based on this prompt: "It turns out wizarding owls don't hatch already knowing how to deliver the post but have to be trained for it. Either only Harry's (or Severus's) magic is up to the task in Britain (or wherever you think fits best for the story) or it's his own choice of career. The other one's owl is behaving erratically."

The most amazing story about how Harry stopped Snape's owls from exploding and caught himself a retired Potions Master in the process.

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side note: I recced this on lj ages ago and thought I should bring this journal up to speed before I start reccing different things. As I'm in a Sherlock phase right now, this Harry Potter rec will probably be the only one for a while.

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Title: Snape's Secret
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG
Words: 757
Summary: One day, Harry asks his newly appointed guardian what we always have wondered - how exactly does Snape manage to always make his robes billow just as he wants them to?
Disclaimer: I own nothing you recognize - all of the characters belong to J.K. Rowling
Side Note:
I already posted this on lj ages ago, but it's the only fic I've ever written and finished and been a little proud of, so I decided to post it here also. Just in case somebody comes along and would like to read it.

Read this on ao3,, potionsandsnitches or livejournal.

Snape's Secret )


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